weddingphotography is my favorite thing to do photography wise.
telling a story, portraits, nice venues, ... those are the things that really attract me to it.

in belgium, in my opinion the art of posing in weddingphotography is kind of lost.
allthough if beautifully executed, it can be so stunning...

so to get better at it, i had to look elsewhere.
so when victor hamke announced the two souls workshop alongside oscar castro, i immediately signed in.

victor and ronja are a couple and the driving force behind muse and mirror.
it's mainly by their work, that i moved from lighter and airy photos to the 'darker' and more moody shots. their posing of the couple is sooo good, really adore their work.

oscar castro is an amazing destination wedding photographer, based in mexico, and really love his work.

both are super talented and passionate photographers.
you can look them up @ and @

so here is my take on the workshop, thanks to ronja and victor, michelle and oscar, the amazing group, and to the stunning model couple vildar and manuel, paulo for the gifts and qtalbums for the vouchers and prints.

Dress is from seeweiss (, and make-up was done by nike frome rouge-rose ( and lastlly, flower and flowercrown from kopflegenden (